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Disaster Relief Fund Beaded/Garnet Bracelet

In the wake of the very destructive and devastating "Camp Fire" in Paradise, CA and  "The Woolsey Fire" in Southern CA,  it is our mission at "Kelly and Rose" to assist the people in need.  

We have designed a specific and special Bracelet with just this purpose in mind.  We are introducing to you our exclusive "Disaster Relief Fund Donation Bracelet".  This bracelet is part of our Beaded Bracelet and Gemstone Collection and was designed with the purpose of "Donation" in mind.  It is comprised of 4mm beads.  It is available in either Rose Gold Filled, Yellow Gold Filled, or .925 Sterling Silver and in three different lengths.  It is adorned by 10 Beautiful 4mm Diamond Cut Garnet Gemstones.  It is the perfect starter bracelet or fantastic addition to your existing Beaded Bracelet Collection.  

Yellow Gold
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold

     The Relief Fund we have chosen is "The American Red Cross".   We will be donating 20% from each sale of our "Relief Fund Bracelet" to "The American Red Cross".  This will be an ongoing donation indefinitely!  Your purchase of our "Beaded Garnet Bracelet" will help families in need to get back on their feet as their communities are rebuilt and to give the people who have suffered tremendous loss hope for the future.  

     So, please help us at www.kellyandrose.com to help those in need and as a bonus, you will have your "Beautiful Beaded Garnet Bracelet" to adorn your wrist and remind you everyday that you did something to help those in need!  Thank you.  xoxo

     These on-trend, versatile bracelets have just the right amount of bling and compassion, at the same time.  Designed with comfort, elegance and value in mind, they add the perfect amount of sparkle to accent your everyday look. Available in three lengths, 6.5", 7", or 7.5".  Each bracelet is comprised of a single row of round beads adorned by 10 Garnet Gemstones, on Stretch Magic jeweler's elastic.

Our "Disaster Relief Fund Beaded Garnet Bracelet" is part of our exclusive "Kelly and Rose Fine Jewelry Collection".  Custom orders can be taken, price will vary.

Easy Steps For Choosing Your Bracelet Collection:

1.  Select your perfect Length, either 6.5", 7", or 7.5" and Click on it.  (You will need to continue to click on your perfect length size for each bracelet you add to your cart.)

     (To determine your perfect length, measure your wrist and then add 1/2 an Inch.)

2.  Each Bracelet consists of Size 4mm Beads with 10 Garnet Diamond Cut Gemstone Beads.

3.  Add your selection to your cart and continue shopping, following the previous steps for each bracelet you choose.  

*  I love to wear at least 5-7 Bracelets at one time.  I love to make a bold statement, but this is your Beaded Bracelet Creation.  Any Bead Size, Any Bead Color, Any Bracelet         Choice, or Any Configuration goes!  Be Creative!  Have Fun!  Make a difference as you assist to help those in need through "Habitat for Humanity"!  Enjoy!

*  Custom Lengths are available upon request @ an additional cost.  Please email Customer Support - christina@kellyandrose.com

Thank You,


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